Warriors Front.png

San Francisco Warriors

San Francisco Warriors Cheer Card

We were approached by Adobe (in collaboration with the warriors) to design the cheer card for their last home game at the oracle arena. We had a blast designing these and got to fly out to the Game to see the prints in real life. There were about 22,000 Prints made and distributed that night. We are so grateful to have be able to partake in such a historic moment for the San Francisco Warriors.

The Back of the cheer card was designed by Oaklandish.

We shared our process and drafts that led to the finial piece.

Role – Design

Warriors Front.png
Back of the Cheer Card. Designed by   Oaklandish

Back of the Cheer Card. Designed by Oaklandish

The Process + Drafts

Here are the other drafts that we’re not selected. We used Getty Images low res to show the clients what the images could look like put together before buying the rights them.